22 or 23 December

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SACMI Smart Powder Plant Comprehensive expertise and experience for body preparation

From storage to grinding to spray-drying: SACMI takes you on an eye-opening journey though the Smart Powder Plant

Following the special event dedicated to slab, tile and sub-size forming technology, SACMI invites you - together with leading industry experts and renowned guests - to take a close look at the Smart Powder Plant, the most complete, integrated body preparation plant on the market.

The journey begins with the Smart Dosing Plant, the automatic solution that guides the operator through selection, storage and controlled dosing of raw materials to ensure perfect body composition at every stage of the process.

SACMI MMC continuous modular grinding solutions are characterized by innovative linings and the capacity to handle different speeds, slip levels and grinding media loads, all at maximum efficiency.

Integrated with JIT-SKID solutions for dissolving pigments and wet-coloring slips, the Smart Powder Plant also merges with the spray-drying department, which could, potentially, take consumption in the direction of a ‘zero fuel’ solution thanks to advanced fluid dynamic controls and the ability to integrate systems that retrieve heat from the kiln and cogeneration plant.

Electricity savings of up to 15%, up to 100% of process waste fed back into the production process, less heat consumption: these are just some of the advantages of 'total body preparation' by SACMI, which we'll discover together with the help of our team of experts.

The event will be held in English and simultaneously translated into: Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish.

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22 / 12
23 / 12
Time 15:00–16:00 CET
Time 09:00–10:00 CET (Repeat)

SACMI Smart Dosing Plant

  • The system guides the worker through the raw material reception and storage tasks
  • Thanks to electronically controlled automatic dosing, perfect body composition is guaranteed at every single stage

SACMI MMC (continuous modular grinding)

  • Can be used at different speeds and with different slip levels and grinding media loads
  • Innovative linings lower electricity consumption and optimize process performance
  • Advanced controls at the outlet monitor the body's physical characteristics and particle size distribution

JIT-SKID systems (pigment dissolving, wet coloring)

  • Zero raw material waste
  • Efficient management of even minimal pigment quantities
  • Full repeatability of density and color tone
  • Smaller footprint

Super Saving Spray Dryers

  • Sophisticated fluid dynamics to improve process efficiency and lower gas consumption
  • Integration with kiln and cogeneration plant heat recovery systems could, potentially, take consumption in the direction of a 'zero fuel' process

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